Are you registering your limited company or partnership with Companies House and HMRC?

Why not use our address at SW19 Wimbledon, EC1 City of London or W1 Marylebone? Registered office address includes the service address for up to four directors. A separate Director’s Service address is also available.

After you have registered your company we will forward on to you any mail that comes from Companies House and HMRC.

Your mail from Companies House and HMRC will be forwarded to you daily on receipt at a cost of £2.25 per sending (not per item) plus the actual postage (£2.70 inc VAT). If you would prefer to have it scanned and emailed the cost will be £2.25 per document (£2.70 inc VAT).

If you want normal business mail in addition to Companies House mail then please order a Virtual Address instead.

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